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Welcome to Canada !!!

Thousands of  Immigrants from all over the world make Canada  their home.The  booming economy and diversity of cultures make it a popular destination. Opportunity is provided for those who are willing to work hard and believe in themselves. Canada is vast and wide from Atlantic to Pacific ocean. The beauty throughout the country is breathtaking. Our health care system is second to none. Canada  takes care of its people. Activities are provided for both old and young alike. It is a great country  for yourself and family to live and grow. Therefore work hard and smart and you will succeed. ​(Welcome To Canada) !!!

Welcome to Central Immigration and Administrative Services

Central Immigration and Administrative Services (CIAS) is a registered and licensed immigration consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. ‘Integrity is our motto’. The firm is a central point for addressing a variety of immigration matters. For instance to help to apply for temporary or permanent visa. Help foreign nationals to remain legally in Canada on a temporary or permanent basis; to extend their stay and; to obtain Canadian citizenship amongst others.

Our client’s best interest would always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics; within the confines of the law. The mandate is treating the client with respect. We will work professionally by focusing on the problem(s) which s/he wants to solve.

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